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What is Gforce?Gforce2-PolishingMachine-M

Gforce is the equipment and process that removes scratches from glass.  Many of these scratches can be removed without any visible distortion.  And for heavy scratch damage, these can be removed as well, with minimal distortion.  The entire Gforce line and process is designed to save you time and money. ::Learn More::




Gforce Standard

The Gforce Standard is our reliable water-feed enabled scratch removal system.  It can remove simple scratch damage, such as glass rubs or razor blade scratches, or it can handle heavy-duty scratches such as graffiti and metal slag impact damage.::Learn More::Border_Top



Gforce2 is our newest glass scratch removal invention.  It has a center water-feed for improved accuracy and an ergonomic design so you can remove scratches with less arm-fatigue.  Just like our Gforce Standard, the Gforce2 can handle most scratch damage with little-to-no distortion.::Learn More::Border_Top



Gforce Essentials

Essentials is the easiest way to get into Gforce.  It comes with everything a beginner needs to become a professional glass repair technician.  Available in both Gforce Standard and Gforce2 flavors, Gforce Essentials is modular and upgradeable.::Learn More::