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Glass damage can occur in almost any situation. From mishandling and production issues, to everyday use and abuse…glass damage happens.

When glass damage happens, over half of all major door and window manufacturers turn to Gforce to help their bottom line.




GlasWeld Gforce Scratch Removal Systems are used in many manufacturing facilities.  Removing scratches at the end of the line prevents breakage saves time.  When glass is made, tempered, and then prepared for shipping, the chances of scratches increase.  However, instead of tossing the damaged glass out, if you could quickly and efficiently remove those glass rubs and minor scratches, would that benefit the bottom line of your manufacturing facility?

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From single-story strip malls, to hi-rise office buildings, Gforce has been everywhere – all around the earth.  The stories we have about working on Las Vegas hotels and private island retreats.  Once glass has been shipped and installed, there are a whole new host of potential scratch issues.  Do you want to rip out the window, remove the trim, reinstall the window, and re-paint?  Sounds costly – and time consuming.  Gforce eliminates this cycle of waste.

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We can’t forget the glass that is used by cars, trucks, buses – all types of ground transportation.  If your windscreen ever gets scratched up, perhaps from older wiper blades, then you know how annoying, not to mention unsafe, that can be. Gforce will remove these ligher scratches from windscreens with little to NO distortion.

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If you are a home builder, you are not excluded from having scratched glass problems.  Windows, doors, shower enclosures – all of these locations are exposed to scratch damage throughout the build process. Don’t replace a scratched window or door if you don’t have too.  Sure, it might seem cheaper to simply throw away the old window and start over.  It isn’t. It costs you time – and any builder will tell you that time = money. Remove the scratches that occur during the build process quickly and easily. You’ll wonder why you thought starting over was better.

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Gforce is:

  • Used by most top window and door manufacturers
  • A winning investment.  The ROI of Gforce is very compelling – you can pay for your system fast
  • A money and time saving machine.  No more running to job sites with new windows.  Repair on-site.
  • The ability to reduce scrap ratios.
  • A process that works for most glass types.
  • Distortion-free, in many cases
  • Easy-to-use, after you are properly trained, of course.