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All parts of the Gforce series of Glass Scratch Removal products are available for purchase.
This includes disks, compounds, tools, backer pads, and more…


Gforce Glass Abrading Module Kit


Abrading is the removing of glass.  Why abrade glass?  Sometimes the scratches are just too deep, like graffiti damage.  Abrading removes these deep scratches.  However, it also removes quite a bit of glass.  Our process keeps this glass removal to a minimum, thereby keeping the distortion to a minimum.

The Abrading Module works with both Gforce Standard and Gforce2 scratch removal systems.



Preventative Anti-Graffiti Film


  1. This is heavy graffiti etching
  2. The damage has been abraded out
  3. The film has been applied directly over the abraded area leaving a clear piece of glass

Used in conjunction with the Gforce Abrading Module, our proprietary anti-graffiti film dries over the opaque abraded glass and will return to the clarity of a new window. Not only do you save time and money repairing the glass, but the window is protected from future damage.