Headlight Restoration

Did you know that headlights can be restored to new condition?  And it will last for years?

Gclear Headlight Restoration


  • Features an OEM wipe-on coating that cures with a UV frequency matched lamp – or even natural sunlight
  • The coating lasts for years as it contains a UV inhibitor
  • The results are like new
  • 3 easy steps – clear, coat, cure
  • clear the old, add the new coating, UV cure

Border_TopMake beautiful headlights in three steps…

It is as easy as clear, coat & cure

  1. Simply CLEAR the old coating away;
  2. COAT with the new OEM coating
  3. CURE it with UV for a shine that lasts for years!

Enjoy beautiful headlights for years to come…




For training on the new Wipe-on Method, click here

For training on the Spray-on Method, click here