What is GlasWeld?

Logo_G_OnlyGlasWeld is a savings company.  We help save windscreens.  We help save flat glass from being thrown out.  We help save lives by making your headlights brighter and keeping your windscreen factory bond original.  And we save money – many companies have saved millions of dollars using our products.

Whether you are a manufacturer, construction company, entrepreneur, or a customer of our network of technicians, GlasWeld will help you save.



We Save Windscreens


Our equipment will repair rock-chip damage to your windscreen.  This keeps the original windscreen bond in tact.  This keeps you safe in the event of a vehicle roll-over.

Visit our Windscreen Repair page



We Save Flat Glass


Flat glass is basically windows.  Windows can be scratched during the manufacturing process.  They can be damaged during transport, or on the job site. Or water spots may cover the glass.  We have products that will save this glass.  Why throw it away when you don’t have to?

Visit our Flat Glass Repair page or our Chemicals page



If you can see better at night, you could Save a Life


Most headlights dim over time.  The lenses get covered with pits and they oxidize, leaving them half as bright as new.  GlasWeld has a product that can bring your headlights back to life and the results will last for years.

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We can Save you Moneymoney_cut

Purchasing GlasWeld equipment will save you money in the long run.  Sure, you might have to spend a few bucks up-front.  But the return on investment is so fast, you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about us sooner.

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